Warranty - Knives

Our knives have been thoroughly QC'd by our knifemakers in Japan and checked by Chef's Armoury staff prior to shipping. However in the rare case that an item is defective, any defect will usually appear in the first month of normal use. Chef's Armoury offers a 12 month warranty for knives.

Chef's Armoury will repair or replace defective items with the exception of items mentioned in the "Exclusions From Warranty".

This warranty covers the original purchaser or initial recipient of the knife. The product will be free from defects under normal use for a Japanese knife of the same profile and thickness when properly used and maintained, and following the appropriate care instructions.

Knives should be used for vegetables and proteins such as meat and seafood. Knives should not be used for bones (with the exception of the HK chopper), coconuts, frozen foods, crackling and other dense foods that have more resistance than the edge of the knife. 

Some knives are thinner than others and will be more easily damaged if cutting the wrong ingredients.

Knives with natural wooden handles will wear over time. This is not a defect. If the handle is made of raw wood we recommend a wood moisturiser such as this handle tonic.


  • Chips, broken tips
  • Discolouration
  • Tarnish, rust
  • Damage from misuse or accident
  • Cutting hard food/objects that are too dense/resistant for the particular knife purchased. Knives have limitations and each knife is different depending on the profile, steel and thinness behind the edge. 
  • Non-culinary use


If you have accidentally chipped or broken the tip of your knife, this is not covered by warranty and can usually be fixed by your local sharpener. Or you can opt to send it to us. Send a photo of your knife to contact@chefsarmoury.com  


  • If you have any warranty concerns please email contact@chefsarmoury.com and attach the receipt of purchase.