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Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro - Shirogami / White Steel #2 Honkasumi (Super Premium series) Sakimaru Takohiki Knife 270mm for Right Hander

Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro - Shirogami / White Steel #2 Honkasumi (Super Premium series) Sakimaru Takohiki Knife 270mm for Right Hander

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Knife Type: Sakimaru Takohiki 
Steel Type: Shirogami #2 carbon steel core + soft iron steel clad Kasumi finish
Blade Hardness: HRC 62 
Blade Type: Single Bevel for right hander
Blade Length: 260mm
Full Length: 415mm
Blade Height (Heel): 32mm
Spine Thickness(Heel): 3mm
Handle: Octagonal magnolia wood with black buffalo horn bolster
Weight: 165g

Type of knife:
Sakimaru Takohiki is a variation of the Yanagiba and Takohiki knife. This knife is mainly used for slicing sashimi. The blade is straight, long and slender with a very thin edge for clean and precise slicing. Compared to a yanagiba knife, it is thinner and narrower. Since it has single bevel, and there are different shapes for right and left handers.

About Goh Umanosuke Yoshihiro brand:
This brand is from Yamawaki Cutlery MFG.,LTD in Sakai Japan, where there is a rich history of skilled craftsmen making high-quality knives, started back in the 16th Century. Yoshihiro brand has gained more popularity overseas in recent years because of its unparalleled sharpness and superior quality. We highly recommend you experience this high quality brand.

About steel type:
White Steel No.2 is a high carbon steel developed by Hitachi Special Stainless Steel. This steel is standard and most commonly used for Japanese style knives such as Sashimi and Deba knife for long time. White Steel No.2  gives a very sharp edge and has very good edge retention. It is also very easy to re-sharpen. It will rust if it is left wet or left in contact with something containing any amount of moisture, so need to wipe and dry completely after using. For longer storage protect with a film of oil to avoid lasting. Recommended for first time of Japanese style high carbon steel  knife users.
Use and Care
This is a single bevel knife (one sided edge) for right handed users only.
- Do not attempt to cut, hit or chop frozen products or bones. The blade can chip or break.
- Use a sharpening stone to maintain the sharpness of the blade. This knife should NEVER be sharpened on a honing steel.
- Do not use a dishwasher to clean your knife.
Hand wash with warm water and towel dry. This is a carbon steel knife. Keep dry after use to prevent rusting.

If you are under the age of 18 years, you cannot place orders with Mikazuki Knives.

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